Welcome to ChessVis 1.4

As of: March 19, 2017

Hi, my name is Henry Feldman and I created this website because I found a shortcoming in the various chess websites I visit.

The operating premise for chessvis.com is:

Tactical training on almost all websites is done by showing you a position where it is KNOWN that a tactic exists and your job is to figure out the move sequence. There is nothing wrong with this and just to prove that, the tactics training on chessvis.com works that way too. (If you can't find a tactic when you are told that one exists then you won't find them on your own.)

Having said that, I noticed that the tactics I'm able to solve on two websites where I do tactics far exceeds the level of tactics I see in the games I'm playing. (At present I'm in the top 20% or so on one website and in the top 25% on another.)

My conclusion being: I'm not sure continued tactics training with complicated problems is helping me win games at my amateur level.

Question: So what to do to get better?

Answer: Visualization. By that I mean being able to hold the board image in your mind and then be able to move the pieces solely within your mind.

To that end I have created chessvis.com. The three main areas on the site are:

This is just the beginning and I want to hear from you. I love feedback and ideas on how to move the website forward. I ask you to contact me through the contact page or just send an email to: chessvis@gmail.com

Lastly I would add that I realize the website's look is sort of minimal. My personal focus is always first on functionality and then secondly look. If you like the site, I'll keep working on it.

Thanks for reading this far.


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