Welcome to ChessVis 1.4

What's New

*** December 9, 2017 ***

V1.4 for Web, IOS and Android!

Website version is up-to-date with the mobile platforms

Mates and Tactics puzzles presented in both colors. This is randomly assigned. Also, the explore mode lets you make any move for both you and your opponent. Lastly, after you have finished with a mate or tactic, you can review it by single stepping backward and forward.

*** November 16, 2017 ***

Chessvis 1.3 out on all platforms.

Defensive Tactics are in production on all platforms -- IOS, Android and Web. These puzzles have black about to either mate white or win material. With the correct move, white can avoid "disaster".

Also, the determination of which tactic and mate you see next has been changed. Chessvis is now attempting to determine which problems are harder and easier and based on how well you do on each one determines which one you see next.

*** September 22, 2017 ***

Interactive Tactic and Mate
Problem Exploration

is in production on both IOS and Android. Chessvis 1.2 rolls out to both platforms.

Also, the 'keyboard' on the mates and tactics with visualization has been eliminated. It has been replaced with just tapping on the board where the piece is currently really located and where you want it to go. Much simpler.

*** June 4, 2017 ***

Android version ready.

*** May 11, 2017 ***

Chessvis is in the Apple Store as an iPhone and iPad app!

*** March 19, 2017 ***

*** March 1, 2017 ***

*** February 18, 2017 ***

Working on the User Manual. Starting with the "Move Following" section.

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